Monday, July 14, 2008

Examination Result

Finally it was published last Friday. After waiting so eagerly for the whole week, at last I succeed in accessing this add..

After keying in all the details..

Private & Confide

How lovely! Outstanding amount of a few Ks and there you go, an utterly useless page appear on my screen (after waiting for a very loOOooOOOo2oO8oo2oO9ong time, thx to DiGi for the so called narrowbroadband), @the very least, for me. I wonder how many RMs will they get from the blocked-students, for wanting to know their result or graduate who want their cert..none from me though, @least not now. I'm still waiting for the sponsorship unit to process and certify my application, yes PLEASE!

And here is another story..

and I wonder where the money go..oh yeah i forgot the twin towers

And again, no downloading, youtube, let alone fragging for me. Am going to TM Point this week to re-asked them to speed up whatever thing they are notworking to end hundreds of Muareans' misery. And watching REMAJA with no Juliana Evans was like ZZZZzzZZZ. 1 minute was more than enough.

See what I mean?

Optical illusion : There's only 1 gal in the pic

Kami RAKUS!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nasi Goreng Sayur Cili Padi (Fried rice)

(English entry)

Now2..this time my entry is on cooking..or recipe..sort of. Being a single guy with no lecture/tutorial to attend (mcm la dulu pegi pon), I had become quite a cook nowadays. It was one of my biggest ambition be a great chef lol. Now lets talk about what I cooked today rather than whining about what my ambition was..

Ok. Here it is..the food/recipe of the day..NASI GORENG SAYUR CILI PADI. Why nasi goreng? Because I'm a lazy ass person..dont wanna mess my kitchen with all the periuks and other containers to cook asam pedas/gulai/sayur (plus I dont really know how to cook asam pedas :D), and then wash them..increasing H20 bill and wasting dishwashing wasting fishes and veggie for the lauk. So nasi goreng sayur cili padi is a perfect food for life under Paklah's (or KJ's?) reign..economy..yet tasty (u'll find later why its tasty..). And the most colorful part is here..the recipe (not the real one, its only used for today)..and the pics..


- Nasi (rice)
- An egg
- Salt
- Ajinomoto
- About 2 teaspoon of oyster sauce
- Cooking oil

- Ikan bilis (about 15-20 ekor) : more = better
- 3/4 onion (bawang besar : more = better : I'm using only 3/4 for being economy here)
- 3-4 garlic
- 3-4 cili padi (more and nazri cant eat your nasi goreng)
- 1 chilli
- A bit of belacan (or 2 bit or 3 bit or more - sesedap rasa :: optional)

- 1 piece of kacang botol
- 3 stack of kacang panjang
- Half stick of carrot
- _ ________ of ______ (add any veggie u like in the free space)

Ready to be fried

Firstly..put all the b) ingredients in a lesung batu & lesungkan it all. Make sure it become very tiny bits or in other words tumbuk sampai hancur la, jgn tau nak blend je..xsedap do blend.

After lesung session, its time to cut2 down all the veggie. Make sure to cut it to very thin pieces to ensure it cooked in a very short time, thus saving your cooking gas and keeping our environment safe for our children's use.

Now its the time we were waiting for. Cooking time!

  • Put some oil into your frying pan a.k.a much? aa lu pk sendiri.
  • Heat up the oil and then put all the tiny2 bits of ingredient b) in the pan, fry it for about 20 seconds.
  • Then fastly put the thin veggie into the pan. Add some salt and oyster sauce. Put 1 teaspoon of ajinomoto inside the pan (this is how i ensure my food to be tasty, u may adjust the volume of ajinomoto according to your preference).
  • Stir for about 30 seconds, put the egg..make sure u break it first. Then stir again for another 30 seconds.
  • Lastly put an appropriate amount of rice. Lets say..2 bowls? Stir it again and again and again until it become one with the fried ingredients (sebati).
  • There you go, the food of the day for your whole day. Its much cheaper than nasi goreng ayam sitik, it can be your food for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus it keeps our environment clean!
  • is the results..presenting NASI GORENG SAYUR CILI PADI..

Yummy~ It'll look even yummier after I edit the pic..maybe later..

So guys, take out your pen, jot down the recipe on a piece of paper or CTRL+C & CTRL+V it into your harddrive. You cant find better food than this, with its ability to maintain the greenery of our earth, and the yummyness plus the satisfaction in your heart, this is a must cook food!

PS: so damn bored with slow net connection..cant dload..cant je pon blog la..